Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Destiny vs. Tree. . .

. . . tree wins.

So, today I got hit by a falling tree branch. Pretty wild.

My co-worker and I were leaving the office and as we walked down the stairs, we heard a loud cracking sound. Neither of us looked up, half-knowing it was the tree, and fearing our faces might get the raw end of the deal. I made a decision to speed up in the direction we were currently walking. That's when a good sized branch came crashing down to the front of me. I turned to run in the opposite direction, but before I could take a step, another branch landed on the right side of my body. It got my right shoulder and my right leg. I caught myself in a plank position, so my shoulders are a bit sore, but I didn't hit my head, and only got a few cuts on my arm and hand. The first thing I thought was that I didn't feel injured, and that I had better get up and out of the way. I found out fast that I couldn't really move my right leg. I would write the second and third things that I thought, but they are pretty shallow. I'll share if you're really that interested.

The next few things happened pretty quickly. Several co-workers came to check on me. Two carried me inside (out of the pouring rain), while one called the ambulance and the other two provided all kinds of moral support. I tried to tell them that I'd be fine. . .of course, that was the adrenaline talking.

After my first ever ambulance ride, I ended up in the emergency room and got a few x-rays. Nothing is fractured or broken, only it's all really sore. I left with some meds and some crutches. I'm not allowed to go to work tomorrow, and probably the next day too. Patrick was an all-star for me.

Speaking of all-stars, I'd like to thank Greg and "Baseball Zach" for carrying me into the office, Jeremy for calling the law, Amy M. for going to my house to tell my husband, Ginny for riding in the ambulance with me, William and Donald for coming to the hospital and checking up on me, and so many other co-workers, family, and friends for calling to check in on me. I'm doing as well as anyone who got hit by a tree can be.

I'll keep you all posted.

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  1. Oh my goodness! You need to tell Donald and Gary R that they need to get their trees under control!

    I'm glad you're ok :) Take care and get rested up!


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