Monday, May 16, 2011

Slowing Down

Hey friends. First, I want to say that my bed is my new best friend.

Things are moving along so fast. We are 28 weeks and 5 days today. Unbelievable! It seems like yesterday I was observing that there were 204 days to go. . .now we are less than 80. Until about 2 weeks ago I felt amazing! I could do what I wanted, had lots of energy, and all that jazz. Now, I'm slowing down a bit. I have to give myself breaks when working on projects, and at then end of the work day (particularly one where I travel a long distance and give several presentations), I just have to "take it to the sheets"

Also, I'm HOT! And, not in the good way, but in the menopausal way. Thank goodness there was some relief in the weather this weekend. We've been holding out on the air conditioner as long as possible. I don't want to freeze poor Patrick out! I did, however, buy a kiddie pool, which I plan to spend the entire summer in! I find that by simply standing outside, I drip sweat in all kinds of new places. . .ugh!

On a brighter note, we started the nursery yesterday! At first, we were going to paint yellow and green. Then we thought about 2 years from now when our little prince or princess would need a definite gender-specific room, so we went with a tan color. That way we can accessorize accordingly. Patrick is going to get a second coat up on Tuesday, and then we are going to get the crib set up over the weekend! We also have a shelf system with 9 cubbies which we'll use for books and toys. I'm on a hunt for a dresser now. We would love something that is low and long with 7 drawers in it (three staggered on top, and four on bottom) preferably in espresso. I've found a few that would work at consignment shops, but I'm keeping faith for the right one. Other than that, we'll have a glider, lamp and lots of wall art to complete the room. YAY!

The neatest feeling is that of my precious child moving inside me! It's strong enough for Patrick to feel now, and his first reaction was so sweet! Patrick makes a point to talk to our baby every day when he gets up, and every night before bed. I adore our little family already!

I'm going to make an honest effort to blog more, especially now that it's getting close. Being able to reflect once the baby is here will be nice!


  1. You look so fantastic! I'm so glad that you are back to blogging, I've been wondering about you! :)

  2. woo hoo for the update! loving it!


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