Sunday, March 7, 2010

Today, I'm a Blogger

. . .but tomorrow it could all change! I've recently been inspired by friends to start blogging. So here it is folks. My first entry.

Last night I went to Nashville to celebrate Best Friend Angela's birthday. We spent time at a karaoke bar, then went to a dance club. The best part of all was people watching. We got to enjoy people such as this guy:

I must say, it was refreshing to see a little old man who understood the importance of wearing a nice pair of pressed white gloves to the club. Not only could he shake a tail feather, but he also had a smaller chance of collecting and spreading germs than the rest of us. Smart cookie!

We had a great time, and I was glad to spend it with some of my favorite people! I did, however, realize that maybe I'm not cut out to stay up until 4 am anymore. Only for Best Friend Angela! Enjoy the other pictures.

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