Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Best Day

Today was a really great day. So great, in fact, that I am inspired to blog about it. This morning, Patrick and I went on a run. We've been running together for about 5 weeks, and I love it. It makes me feel like I'm helping to keep his heart healthy, which is a big deal in his family. Then, I worked my tail off at the gym. I WILL FIT INTO MY BIKINI THIS SUMMER! The office was great today. I got flowers from a student and her mother because I helped her prepare for her Spirit Master interview. How thoughtful! It felt a little strange to be honest. It has been a very long time since I've received flowers. The delivery guy walked in and asked for me, and my heart sank. Really, it felt the same as when my name was called for Homecoming Queen at WKU (Fall, 2004 -- but who is holding on to her glory days?)

I had a chance to spend some time with the student I mentor at a local elementary. My student is fabulous, and I'm so lucky to get a peek into her life. She makes my week extraordinary! Then, I had lunch with a great friend who shared with me a community project that she is working with. I'm so proud of my generation that I could squeal!

Upon returning to the office, my sister and her girls were waiting for me! I got to show off my nieces to the entire office. My oldest niece is all about drawing Mickey Mouse. She's 2, so right now he just looks like a bunch of squiggly marks, but her enthusiasm is contagious. Just the fact that my youngest niece is home from the NICU and thriving is phenomenal in itself. How blessed we are!

To top it off, I had a student drop by who I used to teach clarinet lessons to. I've worked with him since he was in the 8th grade, and he's coming to the Hill this fall. First off, I can't believe time is moving so quickly! Secondly, he's coming to the Hill!! GO TOPS! He stopped by to thank me for serving as a reference for him, and to share that he'd been awarded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Millennium Scholarship! There isn't a more deserving student and family! His entire college education will be paid for. It was tough not to start crying on the spot. I hugged him (probably more than necessary), and told him how proud I am of him.

My goodness, I feel like a princess!

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