Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Straight Off the Chain

Last weekend, my coworker and I went to Atlanta for work. On the way down, we were able to stop by a super cute boutique that had lots of unique gift ideas. One item sent me into absolute hysterics and I immediately made the purchase. It was a deck of Slang Flash Cards boasting to help people "Get hip in mere days". As if that weren't enticing enough, the front cover of the deck showed a lovely couple formally dressed at a fine restaurant as the waiter stood anticipating their order and making sure they knew that "The filet is straight off the chain tonight."


Ok, the back of the deck asks "Are you over the hill? Dorky, unpopular, or simply into math? It's time to jock some fresh!" Each card has a pronunciation guide, tells you the part of speech to which the word or phrase belongs, a definition, and synonyms. Also included is an illustration to "help with context" and an educational sample sentence. Three words: Solid Office GOLD! My co-workers have been working hard to "up their steez". They have even come to me with sentences they've created all by themselves. Folks, when I hear them talk about how the word triflin' is an adjective and not a verb, or that they prefer the term "onion" to "badonkadonk" I can't help but roll on the floor in laughter! I have a feeling that it will now be hella fresh to death to roll deep with my new hyphy crew, for reals son! I mean, every other triflin' office will be straight jockin' us while we make it do, boo.

Aiight, I'm dunzo. Holla!

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