Tuesday, May 25, 2010

White Mom v. Black Mom

This is what "Biracial Tiffany" (as she calls herself) had to say in this particular video:


Wow. . . I would never have thought about how her experience would have been different if she had a white mom instead of a black mom. I have lots of thoughts about this particular post. Here are some of those thoughts:

I know that I will pass down my own experiences to my children. Likewise, my husband will pass down his experiences. Will my daughter identify more with my experiences because we are both female? Will my son identify more with Patrick's experiences because they are both male? How will my children relate to one another? If one self-identifies as more black, will that affect the way he/she treats the other or receives treatment from the other? What if they both identify as black? Will their father feel a bit left out? What if they both identify as white? Will I feel left out? How will that affect our home life? Our marriage? Our parenting styles?

Hmmmm. . .

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