Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thanks Mom. Now I get it.

This morning as I walked to my car on the way to the gym, it dawned on me that my mom lied to me. It was out of necessity, I'm sure. I admit that I was perhaps a bit melodramatic as a child, especially about spiderwebs. Spiders bothered me too, but mostly their webs. As a child, my mom told me that if I walked into a spiderweb without having actually seen it first, then it was good luck.

I bought it.

Even as an adult woman, I have believed with all of my being that it is truly good luck if I walk into a spiderweb. I've always thought it kind of sucked to be in that situation, but it was easier to swallow knowing that something good was around the corner. That conclusion made me seek good things, and good things always came. Honestly, having that positive thought planted in me by my mother partly contributed to me sort of becoming a positive person. I mostly look for the good that can come from a bad situation.

As I got into the car (wiping away a spiderweb), I just smiled and realized how profound of an impact my mother's words had on me. I mean, it took me at least 20 years to figure out the truth. Walking into a spiderweb doesn't mean that something good is coming. I don't know what it means, but I kind of want to listen to that song by No Doubt called "Spiderwebs" again. Perhaps I'll hear what was really intended from them. When the song came out, I thought "Gwen is out stocking up on all kinds of good luck"

My poor husband still has to deal with me screaming like a little girl when it comes to spiders and their webs, and I appreciate him for that more than he might ever realize. Hopefully, though, something good might be just around the corner.

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