Saturday, September 22, 2012

Casi is right!

My dear friend Casi is right. I should be blogging! There are plenty of things happening in my life that can hopefully provide a little light in someone else's.

To start, last night my darling prince of a son spilled water all over my laptop. Now, my mouse has a mind of its own. It randomly highlights entire pages, clicks on links that take me to new pages despite the fact that I haven't finished the page I'm currently on, and all kinds of other annoing shit. Not only that, the following keys no longer work when I press them

p, y, ?, ', 6, 7, =, :

That means, that for the love of blogging, every time you see one of these letters or symbols, it is because I have gone back through this post and copied and pasted them where they belong. you're welcome. Just don't ask for them to be capitalized because that would mean searching all over the internet for their shift key companion. Frankly I'm just too lazy for that this morning. Especially considering the mouse problems I just explained.

But he is so cute!!!

So in other news, I'm knocked up. That's precicely the reason I stopped blogging about weight loss. I'm afriad I won't be able to discuss that topic for at least a year. To be honest, my inner fat kid is rejocing. I get to eat whatever I want again for the next months. I have been inspired by blogger Mama Laughlin. She has two kiddos of her own and looks FABULOUS! plus, she keeps it real about her weight loss journey.

patrick and I decided to find out what the gender of this little precious little parasite is going to be. Right now, we're (I'm) 13 weeks along. We can find out as early as 16 weeks, which is exactly the date of our anniversary, or, we could wait until 20 weeks and find out for free. The jury is still out on that decision. More to come.

Also, we have a German! Hooray! patrick and I decided to host an exchange student. His name is Thies (like peace, but with a T), and he is amazing! He is very outgoing and fits into our family just fine. Also, the name of his town back home is called Hamburg. you know what they call people from Hamburg? (Wait for it. . .) Hamburger! I KNOW, RIGHT!?!?!?! He's my German Hamburger. Sadly, he does not find it as amusing as I do.

So far, he has experienced tacos, painting a room, the out-of-cotrol BGHS student section, the out-of-control BGHS girls, my out-of-conrol family, Gershwin and Copeland, moving a piano, (Oh yeah, we have a piano!), and good old fashioned chain-sawing! More to come on him too.


My sister had her baby! He is so stinkin' adorable. As soon as I get permission, I will put his sweet little picture up.

Ok friends, Im tired of coing and asting letters and smbols, so this ost is officiall done.


  1. So happy to see this blog!!!!' love it! And commend you for the hard work of replacing laptop keys!

  2. Loved it. And love your brutal honest wording. Did you get a German or a build your own handyman/ worker man kit? Leave it up to you to take on a live-in stranger! You just can't have enough going on. Keep updating!!


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