Sunday, July 22, 2012

I didn't want to tell you, but

I screwed up. There, I said it. It wasn't until Friday and Saturday, but it happened. I will  say that at one point this week I actually made it down to 174. I thought that would be motivating enough to keep me on track. Unfortunately, it was not.

On Friday and Saturday, I ate the following (in no particular order)

Wendy's number 1 meal
a delish concoction of cream cheese, Old English cheese spread and garlic powder
LOTS of chips
deep dish pizza
breakfast casserole (which was amazing! I will make it soon, although I'll watch my portions next time)
pasta salad

I think that's the worst of it. All together, that brings me back to 178.8. It's pretty obvious what I have to do in the next week. I don't apologize for this splurge, though. Patrick and I had a chance to spend time with wonderful friends. It was about as much of a vacation as we are going to get this summer, and I would change absolutely nothing.

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