Monday, January 24, 2011

12 weeks. . .and 5 days!

So, obviously I didn't get to update last week, but 12 weeks is here, and now almost gone. This picture was taken on the day I hit 12 weeks, so at least I got that right! Oh, I also didn't get to wear my new Motherhood shirt, but there will be plenty of time for that. Anyway, the baby needs to understand early on that it is a Hilltopper! GO TOPS!

This week has been good. . .almost too good. It makes me worry. Here's the thing. . .during the first trimester of pregnancy, I experienced morning sickness. It sucked, BUT, because of it I knew the baby was ok. Just a few days ago, I realized that I felt great! No nausea, no extreme fatigue, some breast tenderness, but nothing like the first trimester. Initially I was pretty excited, but then a dark cloud started to sweep in. I mean, was I feeling ok because I'd entered the second trimester, or was I feeling ok because. . .

I tried not the think the worse, but I also couldn't help thinking about the "what ifs". I mean, until I can feel the baby kick in a few months, I really don't have much to go by between doctor's appointments for reassurance.

It was at that point that I started to have an inkling of the meaning of the phrase "a Mother's prayer". I prayed so hard that our little baby was ok. Patrick has been rock solid through this. He's helped me to keep from worrying. I feel a lot better now, but I can't wait until our appointment next week.

In other news, I have some terrible congestion going on. I got no sleep last night, and although it isn't even 8 pm yet, I'm probably going to sleep as soon as I post this blog. I gave 5 presentations for work today, and am now completely exhausted from having to mouth-breathe all day. Plus, I had to take a sip of water after every slide, and still felt all dried out. Pretty annoying. I took some tylenol last night and today for the headache, and will see the pharmacist tomorrow about which decongestant is the best one to take while I'm pregnant.

Otherwise, things are going well. Oh yes, last week I gave a presentation and one of the ladies asked if I had kids. I told her I only have the one that's growing in my belly! She said that she could tell that I was pregnant, or had just given birth. I took that as a compliment. . .mainly because it means that I actually am starting to look pregnant now, and not just fat!


  1. Yay for 12 weeks!! And I have a doppler (which is the little radio looking thing they use at the doctors office to hear the heartbeat), s if you ever want to come and borrow it for the night let me know. It really helps with the reassuring thing. BUT sometimes its hard to hear the beartbeat that early. I tried at 12 weeks and couldnt hear, but some can. Just letting you know. I will have the thing until July so you can borrow it anytime- it is the neatest thing to be able to sit in your house and listen to it!

  2. Wow! That is awesome news, Sabrina! I would love to borrow it. Maybe I could stop by tonight? I'll send you my phone number via facebook so that we can connect. Thanks a million!

  3. Hi Destiny! I'm glad your morning sickness is subsiding, try not to let it worry you! I worried when I thought my symptoms were too strong, and I worried when they weren't there. Your sweet little baby is growing just fine, they are resilient and tough little things! :) Getting a doppler is also a great idea, you can find some really good ones on Amazon for about 25 bucks. Also, I'd check with your OB to make sure he approves, but my high-risk doctors told me that a recommended dose of Benadryl is perfectly ok to take for sinus and sleep. I hope you feel better soon! :)

  4. Thanks so much Paige! It is very reassuring to hear from you. I'm borrowing my friend's doppler this week, and will probably invest in one soon. As for the congestion, I've taken some Zyrtec D, but will probably move to Benadryl. I've had lots of people say they swore by it during their pregnancies. I'll probably be asking for advice throughout the pregnancy, so I'd love your input! I sure hope you are well! Thanks for reading my blog!


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