Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Freinds, I've GOT to get my blog together. I'm seeing some really cute things out there, and unfortunately, mine is lacking. So, I'm asking for help. Is someone willing to give me a "crash course" on all the features? Or at least, can someone direct me to a site that gives help? I'm mostly interested in adding labels, getting that "you might also be interested in" set of buttons that I'm seeing EVERYWHERE, and other fun tips.

Thanks for any help!


  1. this is where you get the "you might also be interested in" feature:

    the site should explain how to add it to your blog.

    labels is something you do at the bottom of your posts, there should be a box that says labels and you just type whatever you want the label to be.

  2. Thanks! How do you show the labels all tallied up in your sidebar??

  3. its a gadget that you can add to the layout called "Labels".


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