Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tonight I start The Shack

So I'm going to do the 100 book challenge this year. I'm truly going to try and make it through 100 books before December 31. That means 8.3 books per month (Dr. Seuss is not off limits!) We will see how this goes. In order to get started, I did what any normal person of this century would do. . .I polled my facebook friends for good reads! It turns out, my friends have lives outside of the internet! I got lots of great ideas.

The book I've chosen to start with is The Shack. I've had it on the shelf for 2 years now. It actually belongs to someone else. I feel kind of guilty about that, but now I'll finally get to return it.

I think the best thing about taking on this challenge is that there will be (as my friend Rachel says) no dementia for me when I get old! I'll keep you posted!

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