Monday, January 17, 2011

Birthday Spectacular!

I'm so excited that my mom finally posted pictures from my birthday party online. I have to get a new camera, but in the meantime, she supports my memory collection!

The party was on my actual birthday, December 29. We hosted at our place and had lots of family and friends help celebrate. That morning, I had leftover stomach virus with a side of morning sickness. If it weren't for my sisters and brother keeping me company, and Patrick cleaning the ENTIRE house, the party could not have happened. At the time, I hadn't told my family about the pregnancy (except for the older of my sisters), so I had to play it off like it was only the stomach virus giving me issues.

We set up a taco bar, enjoyed karaoke and danced to my kinect (which I can't wait to start playing again next week!) My sister got on to me pretty badly for dancing too hard, but I had something to prove that night! I'm a champion! Anyway, I've sworn off kinect until I'm 12 weeks (2 more days!!)

Several of Patrick's friends came over too. He and his best friend decided to be twins for the evening. . .how sweet!

The only accident of the night came to the younger of my sisters, Essence. She mysteriously tripped over. . .herself as she played the kinect. After a night in the emergency room, she came out with a thigh-high brace, crutches, and lots of pain medication. She had some fluid on the knee, but thankfully didn't break anything.

It was a blessing to have my brother in town to help celebrate! I think he had a good time. I really enjoyed having him here.

Enjoy the pictures!

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